Many say that Filipinos are like bamboos who bend down when there’s a huge storm and stand straight and become tougher after. This has been proven when Filipinos went through several catastrophes like Typhoon      Ondoy, Earthquakes in Bohol, Vulcanic eruption and recently the Super Typhoon Yolanda.

In spite of the loss of lives and massive destruction of properties, Filipinos still manage to show their sweetest smiles and still able to help others who are in need even if they also need help.

During Yolanda, many people in and out of the country extended help to the victims. Bayanihan is what prevailed during this incident. Resilience and faith are also the traits that propelled Yolanda victims back to their former stance.  Being a Catholic nation, Filipinos strongly believe that there is someone up there who will help them get over calamities and other misfortunes.

As the victims recall the scenes they had, it was still a nightmare for them. Missing their loved ones, they still shed tears for the memories that are still fresh in their minds.     However, as they continue to tell stories, after the tears, are the laughter when they recall hilarious acts they did during Yolanda and the smiles on their faces when they reminisce the helping hands of the people who extended their sympathy.

Today, the victims are moving forward and continuing their journeys in life wearing the smiles in their faces and their resilience. What had happened last year just proves that we are “Filipinos” and no amount of misfortune could put us down.  Filipinos will end up triumphant in the end.