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School Profile

Acacia Elementary School is situated at #57 Ma. Clara St., Acacia Malabon City, with a population of 5,127 and with a total land area of 1,237 square meters.

The school is presently headed by a School Principal III. It has 77 teachers who are able, willing and wholeheartedly dedicated to provide quality education beyond their means. The average school population for three years was about 2,675 pupils. It has complete elementary grades from kinder to grade 6. Quite big environment to augment the needs and levels of the learners.

Strategic Location

Barangay Acacia is located between Barangay Tinajeros and Barangay Tugatog Northwest. Distance from city proper is four (4) kilometer and existing means of transportation are private vehicles, tricycle, pedicab, motorcycle and jeepneys. The community have approximately 5,127 population, more or less 4,477  registered voters, less than 1,410 total number of household with the land area of 19.52 hectares.


Acacia Elementary is in a strategic location.  It is not affected by the flood.
The school is usually used as evacuation center by the neighboring barangay particularly barangay Catmon during flood and typhoon.
Disaster drill awareness is conducted regularly to ensure the safety of the students/pupils and to minimize accidents in times of natural and man made calamities.  Acacia is using local piped water under the MAYNILAD SERVICE INC.
The school has a functional space for washing and has toilet bowls with ratio of 258 is to 1 to attend on pupils personal hygiene. The infrastructures, building classrooms are the following; Sandoval Building a 2-storey with 8 classrooms, built in year 2000.Bagong Lipunan, 1 storey building with four classrooms, acquired in 1981.Kinder Building, 2 storey with two classrooms acquired in 2002.
The administration and Canteen both concrete and wood built in 1970.Division LED Building, 3 storey, with 9 classrooms, Built in 2012. There were 2828 pupils and 28 classrooms in good conditions with the ratio of 1:50.The School has , Techno Lab, Science room,  Library and E- Classroom with the following equipment  such as Tablet PC, EPSON Printer, Acer Projector, LED TV, Clerical Chairs, Foldable Keyboards and Tablet Stands, Tripod Screen, Pink Tables, Box Unique Reading Games, Box Reading, Box Cabin, Box Math Atlas Book.


Acacia Elementary School teacher with national plantilla position, composed of 1 principal III, 1 master teacher II, 5 master teacher I, 13 Teacher III, 16 Teacher II and 34 teacher I a total of 70 teachers and administrator.

The school also has 5 local funded non-teaching staff, 2 utilities, 2 CSU 1 office clerk. Acacia Elementary School has the most numbered of master teachers within the district. In fact, the school has one Master Teacher II and five master Teacher I.