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Early Registration is on-going from January 26, 2019 to February 22, 2019                  Brigada Eskwela



  • # 57 Maria Clara Street, Acacia, Malabon City
  • acaciaes.malaboncity@deped.gov.ph
  • (63) 2 2828835
  • (63) 2 2880736


Good day !
I am Mrs. Irene M. Raya, the principal of Acacia Elementary School. In behalf of all the teaching and non-teaching force of our school, we warmly welcome you to visit and enter our school through this website. I hope you enjoy learning things on how we cater quality and life-long education to our learners.
Enjoy browsing!


  • Teaching is the work of heart

    Teaching is the work of heart

    Teaching is the work of heart “Teaching is the noblest profession, without teachers, there will be no professionals”. This is one of many quotations that prove that teachers not only educate the young minds but they build the world. They do not only impart knowledge but they touch lives. Teachers are not employed because of ... Read moreTeaching is the work of heart
  • How to avoid bullying?

    How to avoid bullying?

    How to avoid bullying? Some of us are threatened to be hurt physically, psychologically and emotionally as well. Some of us just do what they commanded us to. Have you ever asked yourself why are they doing this unto you? Have you ever thought that you’re already a victim of bullying? What is “bullying”? It ... Read moreHow to avoid bullying?
  • Tabak Festival

    Tabak Festival

    Tabak Festival Tabak Festival is the newest addition in the growing list of festivals being celebrated in Malabon City, in the tradition to honor San Bartolome. During the event, the parish organizes a caracol competition. Every year, Acacia Elementary School tops and bags gold in the same event. Year ago, in 2013, Acacia won as ... Read moreTabak Festival
  • The Resilient Pilipino

    The Resilient Pilipino

    Many say that Filipinos are like bamboos who bend down when there’s a huge storm and stand straight and become tougher after. This has been proven when Filipinos went through several catastrophes like Typhoon      Ondoy, Earthquakes in Bohol, Vulcanic eruption and recently the Super Typhoon Yolanda. In spite of the loss of lives and massive ... Read moreThe Resilient Pilipino
  • Deped Building sinimulan na

    Deped Building sinimulan na

    ₱38M DepEd Bldg. Sinimulan            Sinimulan nang itayo ang ₱38 milyon gusali ng Department of Education (DepEd) sa Paaralang Elementarya ng Acacia kamakailan.            Pinaglaanan ng National Government ang apat na palapag na gusali na pakikinabangan ng mahigit  isanlibong mag-aaral.            Ang nasabing gusali ay may 12 silid-aralan na proyekto ng ... Read moreDeped Building sinimulan na