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School History

Acacia Elementary School is situated at #57 Ma. Clara Street, Acacia, Malabon City, with a population of 5735 with a  total land area of 1237 square meters.

The school is presently headed by a School Principal III. It has 75 teachers who are competently able, willing and wholeheartedly dedicated to provide quality education beyond their means. The average school population for three years was about 2712 pupils. It has complete elementary Grades from Kinder to Grade 6. This requires an environment that can readily contain the progressive number of learners.

There was a small place in Malabon called “Bukid ng Malabon”. It is located between   Barangay Tinajeros and Barangay Tugatog. This place was occupied first by the good-hearted families of  Tongco, Alonzo and Monotoc family in exchange of the tilling soil. Later this was developed into a subdivision hence; they were able to buy their own lots. 

Between the period of  1937 to 1940 some families who were initially from Manila acquired and bought land at Bukid. Among them were the families of Santos Trinidad, Lorenzo, Pura, Reyes, Flores, Domingo, Cristobal, Toribio, and Lagman. These families organized Acacia Club, they then,   filed a resolution to higher authorities.  The resolution was approved and it came to being on the 30th of June 1956 their barangay was named Acacia.

During the time of 1950’s, Acacia reached another milestone. The community became   an industrialized barangay because factories such as  Lirag Textile Mills, Gonzales Toys, Ideal Cigar Factory and Bihon Factory. From then on,  residents became the primary beneficiaries of the industrialization by acquiring employment. It was also through such industrialization that people came from other  nearby areas to  settle themselves in.

School Pillar

Mrs. Irene M. Raya

Principal II
– current school principal of Acacia Elementary SChool