Teaching is the work of heart

 “Teaching is the noblest profession, without teachers, there will be no professionals”. This is one of many quotations that prove that teachers not only educate the young minds but they build the world. They do not only impart knowledge but they touch lives.

          Teachers are not employed because of their wit but because they have a heart to do a very important vocation. They give us foundation so we can be a productive citizen of our nation. They don’t just teach how to do things but they teach us to    believe that we can do many things. They give more opportunities so we can be successful in our lives.

      Teachers are not guardian in school but   parents who completely nurtures and shapes our being. They support us in many things; they feed us when we are hungry and starving. Like our parents, they sacrifice their own time just for us to have a better and fruitful stay in the academe.    Oftentimes they get tired, still they sacrifice their sleep preparing lessons and materials needed for the lesson for the next day.

     Teachers are not to administrate but friends and counselors. When we are in trouble and confused, they teach us lessons about life which like useful files that better shape our lives. They stay with us in spite of our condition and be our friends and companion.

    Then – of these sacrifices that they rendered, how can we give thank and show gratitude to our teachers? How can we repay the unsolicited favors we received from them?

    Giving material things isn’t necessary to make them happy. Making them smile in every achievements we received. Giving respect and love in our little way. And the honor that we show to them is the greatest reward you can give them.